Extra’s background and principles

The initial goal of fx-trading.fi was to be a comprehensive knowledge base and practical guide to professional Forex trading. At first, as a true pioneer in Finland, and with the English version – one of the few in Europe and even worldwide. All content of the site is made and/or selected based on personal trading experience. Various aspects of Forex trading, basics, tips and selection of useful links are combined on this single website. This already is “extra”, compared to many other alternatives on the web. All sections of fx-trading.fi contain a lot of things to learn and to utilize. Having properly studied all that, beginner will proceed well ahead in Forex trading career while saving time and money. In addition to all the comprehensive content, traders who considerately decide to choose the broker that I use/suggest, will receive a periodically updated extra package via email.

Brokers section of this site reviews and clarifies the general principles of Forex brokers, containing some cautionary examples of fraudulent actions. It also contains precise, experience-based, reasons as why to consider opening account with Tickmill UK, demo at first and live later on. Extra section and the mutually beneficial cooperation of three parties functions as follows: when trader opens a live-account via this link, without losing anything he/she receives periodically updated extra content via email, and at the same time he/she shows appreciation for all the work it took/takes to run this site. Tickmill UK, on the other hand, as a gratitude for a new client, pays fx-trading.fi from own budget (basically a few cents) based on the fraction of client’s trading volume. The idea is, having personally experienced several fraudulent brokers, to present readers with a proven/reliable broker alternative and, at the same time, to fund the site maintenance with aforementioned commissions, while keeping own trading capital separated. Tickmill UK has been very cooperative when responding to my various corporate and technical questions for this site. Presumably, this is due to broker being especially interested in educated clients coming from fx-trading.fi. Traders, who have studied and practised the content of the site, acquire proper trading approach. The profitability expectations of their long trading career (and of Tickmill UK’s respectively) are significantly better than average.

At first, it is wise to proceed with demo-account for thorough practising of all the basics and for choosing/testing the strategy. After a few weeks of consistent demo-practice, a live account can be opened (via fx-trading.fi’s link to receive extra content). And so, trader can practice the chosen strategy and especially own trading mentality further – with minimal 0.01 lot live positions! In this case, the potential financial loss is very small, yet the benefits of authentic trading “practice” with own hard earned money are massive. Only when those minimal 0.01 lot positions of live account are making consistent weekly profit for a few months, capital and lot size can be increased with the money management rules. Membership of extra mailing list, of course, remains if/when trader changes the live account type. Notice that Tickmill UK gives a permanent 5% discount from Pro account’s commissions to traders joined via fx-trading.fi.

A functional, proven procedure: when reader opens a live trading account (via the already mentioned link) he/she informs us the Tickmill UK’s account number via contact form. The extra.zip file is then delivered by email reply, usually within 1-2 business days. When the extra content gets updated, the new version of extra.zip is sent to all the joined traders. Notice that also the current members of Tickmill UK can subsequently join the extra list and receive extra package. Questions about extra content and the joinning procedure can be sent via the aforementioned contact form. And as it is stated in terms and conditions of fx-trading.fi, submitted information will never be used for marketing purposes nor handed over to any third parties.

Contents of extra package

  • MT4 templates for presented strategies and some combined alternatives, with guides. Functional layout and visuals.

  • Indicators required for the above, derived from own modding and development. SMA’s order based trend scanner for all pairs.

  • Dashboard indicator modded in user-friendly way, which I always keep visible. Markets’ local time, range, candle close time, spread.

  • Handy position management tool for all types of trading. SL and TP can be moved by mouse drag. Also: close half, move SL to BE, TS.

  • Summary of the essential “Technical confluence zones and price action” strategy. Personally compiled from 300 page forum thread.

  • My pdf summary of M15 strategy’s forum thread, with notes and practical trade examples.

  • Regularly used script-tool for news trading, which sets the required pending stop orders with 1 second precision.

  • Java-program acquired from a closed paid service, that shows news deviation right at the news release moment.

  • News-specific summary from own trading notes with: tradeable pair, trading approach, deviation and common price behavior.