Beneficial further reading

This periodically updated section contains entirety of articles and files on the crucial concepts of Forex trading, which require traders’ attention and practice. Some essential MT4 indicators and useful apps, which I myself use on a daily basis, are also included. All the contents presented below have been thoroughly selected, based on personal trading experience. For beginners and more experienced traders as well, it would be beneficial to study all the “trading mentality” related content and, at least, glance through all the rest.

5 steps to becoming a trader, 5 p. Probably the most enlightening summary I have ever read. Saves months of your time.

Mental fitness for traders by Norman Hallett, 35 p. Thorough guide to mental aspect development.

25 rules of day trading discipline by Douglas E. Zalesky, 6 p. Compact selection of clear rules with explanations.

The secrets to emotion free trading by Larry Lewin, 101 p. Comperehensive high-quality opus on a proper trading mentality.

Trade your way to financial freedom by Van K. Tharp, 181 p. Famous and effective book, kindly suggested by our readers.

The 7 deadly sins of Forex by Marc Low, 26 p. Comprehensive knowledge base.

Trading mistakes by Steve DeWitt, 6 p. Traders’ most common mistakes, with background and improvement suggestions.

Trading in mind, 14 p. 10 useful advice to enhance your trading.

Top 10 ways to lose.

Golden rules.

Advanced trend trading. Basics of technical analysis. First page is the essential one.

Candlesticks and patterns: part I, 49 p. | part II, 33 p.

Pin bars basics. Based on the famous james16’s forum thread of over 7000 pages.

Pin bars advanced. A follow-up to aforementioned.

True supply and demand. Detailed background of Support/Resistance levels and their proper implementation.

Fibonacci method, 22 p. In-depth analysis and usage suggestions of Fib-tool. Discussed strategy – with reservations!

Thesis: Technical analysis in Forex by M. Linden, 86 p. A comprehensive point of view, as a Finnish thesis.

Breakout patterns strategy by M. Linden. A follow-up to aforementioned. Good basis for S/R and breakout trading.

Forex jargon. ForexLive’s explanations to both common and somewhat exotic terminology.

Improvement ideas, 18 p. Solid trading tips by “Technical confluence H1-Daily” strategy’s author.

MT4’s special tips. Surprisingly many useful tips for MT4 usage. First page is the most essential.

Indicators. Lot size calculator, Pivots and Round numbers with the values I use.

Synchronization app for Windows clock; especially for news trading.

AutoHotkey. Keyboard hotkey app; most simple and most functional one that I know.

AutoHotkey template. My own ahk-template with modifying instructions.

CamStudio for making screen-capture videos, especially during news spike trading.

CamStudio settings. Proven to be good settings for the CamStudio app.

Basic screen-capture. A convenient alternative to PrintScreen, for news trading and regular trading analysis.

As there hundreds of Forex knowledge sources with thousands of books, articles and most peculiar trading principles, randomly going through them would take too much time away from the actual trading. And also, that is not at all required for a profitable trading career, from my own experience. It is enough to learn the basics, to recognize the common mistakes and to find a trading strategy suiting your trading mentality. After that, it is logical to concentrate on refining that strategy and enhancing own trading mentality and habits. Own trading approach should be periodically updated with the always changing markets. However, the proven and suitable main principles of own trading should be preserved. Consistent, routine trading approach day by day is the key to success! Only with those professional habits, trading activity can become profitable in a long run, enabling the financial independence of the trader.